vrijdag 25 februari 2011

Takin' it easy.

Hey people,

You may not know me, but i'm Valerie.
A teenage girl who lives like every other teenage girl in the world.
I'm Nick Jonas-Obsessed, and i love music.
I'm like married to music, kinda, sort of.
today I'm taking it easy.
My mom is saying that I need to do homework, but as you might know: I HATE HOMEWORK!
It's vacation... So why the hell do I need to make homework?
The only thing that I'm thinking about is takin' it easy, sleep alot, blogging and watching the television...
Tonight is my favourite TV-Show on tv.
X-Factor, i freakin' love it.
This is my first ever blog so I accetualy don't really know what to say in it, but...
I read this quote on twitter from @TheQuoteMaker i thought it was a cute one:

I love you like a fat kid loves cake.

Probably i'm the fat kid that loves cake, cause I'm addicted to cake. :D (Just like i'm addicted to Nick Jonas, hahaha.)
By the way, maybe i got some cute gossips for you people.
I read it in the magazines, hehe. ^^
-Joe Jonas gave Ashley Greene an Armani-bracelet for her birthday.

-Alex Pettyfer & Dianna Agron broke up together.

-Good Charlotte don't want to write a song with David Guetta because they say their band isn't a dance group, it's a rockgroup! Take that, David! :p (I'm joking, caus' i love David Guetta's songs!)

I think that was enough for today!
It wasn't really a great blog, but yeah, whatever.
Bye bye.